Saturday, October 25, 2008

How to Make Your Halloween Pumpkin Last!

Pumpkins kept indoors don’t last very long and will mold easily. So if you get one this weekend, don’t leave it inside. Keep it in the garage or basement.

A carved pumpkin only lasts 3 days, so wait until at least Tuesday before you do your carving.

To get a cool template, you can look online for stencils or use pages from kid’s colouring books.

You don't need to spend tons of $$ on fancy tools, just a dollar store chisel and curved blade.

Once you have it carved, keep the lid of the pumpkin on a tilt, to allow it to breathe.

Instead of tea candles, try light bulbs. Just pop in a small light bulb, like Christmas lights, from a hole in the backside of the pumpkin. It’s safe, looks amazing in the dark, and won’t scorch the inside of the pumpkin.

This blog made possible thanks to my old radio friend, Buzz! ;)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dog Blog

“2 Strangers a Wedding”’s Energy 101-5’s “social experiment”. Two people, sight unseen, will meet and marry on October 3oth. We want our question love blind??

In case you haven’t heard....our bride has been chosen. We call her “Monday”! We’ve learned a lot about “Monday”.....friends and family are very important to her, she loves the TV show “Coronation Street” (He! He!), she works with people who have disabilities, she recycles and she LOVES dogs!!!
I am excited to introduce to you, “Monday’s” babies....Jimmy and Bailey.

Jimmy is her 10 year old Cockapoo....he’s black and weighs in at about 18 lbs. “Monday” tells me Jimmy adores children. There is a good story behind the naming of her Cockapoo, Jimmy but I’m going to hold off on sharing that story with you.....I’ll be getting “Monday” to tell you that story herself!!

“Monday’s” other baby is her 9 year old Bichon-Cocker, Bailey. Bailey was named for his cream coloured coat (after Bailey’s Irish Cream)!!! Bailey is also affectionately referred to as “The Pork Chop” (he weighs in at a whopping 30 lbs.)!! I’m told he’s all about food and is extremely vocal. When “Monday” leaves to go to work, he sits up like a gopher and shows his disapproval vocally. According to “Monday”, Bailey is the hedonist of her two babies!!

It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know “Monday”. All of our Energy on-air staff has chosen NOT to see her before the wedding day. It’s been tough, only because I’ve felt like giving her a hug while telling her how much I hope she finds the love of her life. Two things I’m sure of....she is “beautiful” on the inside (I’m betting on the outside too!), and there IS going to be a guy standing with her at the altar on October 30th, heart pounding and hands shaking, knowing that “Monday’s” love hasn’t completely “gone to the dogs”!!