Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking a PERFECT Driver's License Pic......

My girlfriends and I were laughing a couple of nights ago about our terrible driver's license pictures. Oh, and it's not just bad D-L pics!! My Costco pic is uber husband's is awful too. In fact, whenever I need a really good laugh I dig his out....look and laugh. (His is worse than mine).
Anyway, in the quest for a better pic I dug up some tips on how to put your best face forward for the dreaded driver's license mug shot.

*Wear more makeup than usual to avoid looking washed out. And don't forget the powder....that'll avoid shine on your pretty face.

*Set your feet hip-width apart and then place your palms up on your backside and drop your shoulders.

*Tilt your chin down (only a bit). If your nose is long, face the camera head on.

*Because most faces are asymmetrical, angle your head with your smaller eye out in front.

Simple tricks to a prettier you.
Now if we could only use these tips for our passport pics!!