Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ending Fat Talk……One Anonymous Post-It at a Time!

This is part of the mission of anonymous do-gooders of Operation Beautiful. Their mission is to post anonymous notes in public places for other people to find. Notes like, “Yes you ARE beautiful!” Expect to find these notes anywhere….on a public bathroom mirror, in a clothing-store change stall or on the parking meter. Upon checking their website, I found that most people leave their anonymous positive posts on public bathroom mirrors (school, gym, restaurant, etc.) The Operation Beautiful web address is almost always left at the bottom of the note. On their website (, you can find samplings of notes left behind, along with stories on how people left their words of encouragement. Check out the recent posting below!!

Laura wrote:
Instead of sleeping, or studying for my three final exams that are tomorrow, I decided to write out a “You Are Beautiful” post-it note for everyone who lives on my floor and stick it to their doors for them to find in the morning. I plan to put one on every door in my building. I am a firm believer that health comes first, and beauty follows. I believe it’s possible to think yourself beautiful. That’s why we have to remind people, every day, just how gorgeous/amazing/wonderful/beautiful/good-looking/ marvelous/handsome/attractive/awesome they actually are.”

So as I write this heading into 2010, I think this will be one of the many resolutions I will make and actually follow through with. I will write a note on a Post-It and leave it somewhere in Calgary. Pretty simple (I know), but maybe the person who finds it will be having a really crappy day, and that little note of inspiration will turn their day around. Maybe you can do the same?!

Happy New Year…..and remember, beauty is NOT a size.