Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is Anybody Out There....GUYS??

Attention all single men……OR
Mom’s with available Sons….
Sister’s with cute Brother’s…..
Girls with great “Guy Friend’s”…(who won’t get jealous when he meets the love of his life)….
you get the picture! In case you haven’t heard, Energy 101-5 will soon be looking for single men in our “Two Strangers and a Wedding” social experiment. Two people will meet SIGHT UNSEEN, on their wedding day, which is coming up October 30th!
All this week, Energy 101-5 is introducing five potential brides. As they’re introduced, their personal details are being posted on our website. Go to energy1015.com and click on “2 Strangers and a Wedding” for all your details!!
Now, for the potential “Grooms to Be”…you can start filling out your applications Monday October 6th! Make sure you do your “homework” this week….listen to each potential Bride. Again, by the end of this week, you’ll be able to go to our website and get the details on ALL of our 5 potential brides!!
So far so good, I know we have an amazing bunch of women looking for love and I’m certain we’ll be able to present to them, some amazing potential mates! This is indeed, “the ultimate blind date to find your soul mate”!!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top Summer Songs of 2008

With the last day of summer fast approaching….(first day of fall is September 22)…let us reminisce about summer songs of 2008!

I smile and nod as I hear my co-worker, Freeway Frank of the “Freeway and Meg Morning Show” come on after the end of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” and say…”that song is definitely THE summer track of 2008”! I agree with Frank but I think Katy had some competition this year!!

The following is my small list of Top Summer Tracks of 2008:

Katy Perry “I Kissed A Girl”: I quickly turn to my husband Jamie and say “quick, give me the top summer track of ‘08”!! His reply…”I Kissed a Girl……but I hate it”!! Ha!
For the record, I quite enjoyed it. I found myself enjoying it even more when I got to talk with Katy while she was in Calgary over the summer. Very bright, very together and a breath of fresh air.

The Pussy Cat Dolls “When I Grow Up”: Another track many love to hate. Again, I chuckle thinking about my husband one morning, dancing around the bathroom in a towel to this tune. When Jamie notices that I notice him dancing, he promptly stops and says “This song is awful, but it’s got a good beat”!
Our Energy Sales manager (Gavin), also came running down to the studio one afternoon when I was playing the song…Gav poked his head in and said…..”you can’t help but love this song Erin…..it’s that song that the drunk guy at a wedding is dancing on a table to, swinging his jacket over his head at the end of the night”! Ha!
Oh and for the record…..I’ve been told by Meg Tucker of the “Freeway and Meg Morning Show” and also by Energy Promotions Director Khazma, that it’s “Groupies”, not “Boobies”.

Leona Lewis “Bleeding Love”: Love, love, love this track. I’ve played it on Energy 101-5 at least five times a week since the Spring of ’08 and I’m still not sick of it. Another summer memory attached to “Bleeding Love” is when Chelsea and Mark danced so beautifully to it on, “So You Think You Can Dance”. You can check them out on YouTube if you missed it.

Metro Station “Shake It”: I had the chance to chat with Trace Cyrus (vocals/guitar) for Metro Station…also the brother of Miley! I admitted to Trace, that for an entire week, I listened to their self titled CD on the way home from work and that it made me want to drive fast. He laughed and replied, “I just did an interview with a guy down in California who got a speeding ticket listening to our song “Shake It”. It seems I’m in good company.

Ray J and Yung Berg “Sexy Can I”: Is it bad that I’m a Mom and I love this really dirty track?! It’s just so….sexy. Over the summer, by mistake I was caught by my husband downloading it onto my i-pod. But I was accidently, downloading the X-Rated version. He wasn’t too impressed…especially when my 6 year old daughter Hailey came dancing into the room and said “Mommy, this song has a good beat”. Ooooops!

Kid Rock “All Summer Long”: Although I’m not a huge Kid Rock fan, I think that this is the serious contender for “I Kissed A Girl”! How could it NOT be, with the word summer in the title?

I hope you add to my small list of Top Summer Tracks of 2008…and make it a bigger list. Hope you had a great summer….here’s to fall!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby Bonus....in Russia!!

BABY BONUS….in Russia!!!

Today, (September 12th), in the Russian province of Ulyanovsk, it’s their 4th annual “Day of Conception!!
Sergei Morozov, governor of Ulyanovsk “conceived” the idea as a way of helping Russia pull out of its demographic crisis. The slogan, (“born” by the governor): “Give Birth to a Patriot on Russia Day”!
Get this….couples only have to work for a half day today so they can go home and make babies. Oh, it gets better! Any couple who 9 months later gives birth on Russia’s “National Day” (June 12th)….gets all sorts of cool swag for their patriotism! The swag includes everything from TV’s and washing machines to video cams and the grand prize of an SUV!
So far, it’s a success…with an almost 5% increase in babies this year compared to last not to mention, a spike in births during the month of June!!
The tradition of awarding prizes to Moms for giving birth, dates back to Soviet times when women could be named “Hero Mothers” for having many children.
So to our friends half way across the world in Ulyanovsk, “Happy….’er, Boinking”!

Friday, September 5, 2008

An A Minus for Junk Food

The province of B-C is the latest Canadian provincial government to legislate a Junk Food Ban. Prompted by the scary stat that one in four kids in B-C is either overweight or obese, my friends kids on the West Coast will no longer be able to get their hands on junk food while in school. The ban includes kindergarten through Grade 12….B-C kids will also be expected to complete 30 minutes of physical activity a day or the equivalent of 150 minutes of exercise a week!! Other legislated junk food bans include Ontario and Quebec.

In Britain, the new National Child Measurement Program (their government’s drive to solve childhood obesity), will take the height and weight of kids in their first year of school. They’ll do the same thing five years later. Parents who agree to have their children weighed and measured, will receive “size report cards” in the mail.

So what about us Albertans? According to a recent article in Avenue Magazine (September Issue), “different school boards have different nutrition policies that individual schools interpret as they see fit”. In other words, it’s up to each individual school to make the appropriate changes.

There’s no denying it….Stats Canada says just over one quarter of kids and adolescents TODAY, are overweight or obese compared to fifteen percent back in the late 70’s. While we can blame part of obesity on poor nutrition, we also have to look at the lifestyles of our kids. Kids today, aren’t moving as much as we used to when we were young! I think back to the late 70’s, once our homework was done, we were out playing until the sun set. Kids today are more apt to sit in front of a computer, playing video games and watching TV.

Maybe we have something to learn from our friends to the west. B-C’s ban of junk food, combined with its daily exercise program will give that province the most aggressive health program in the country!

I really hope Alberta follows the example of B-C, Ontario and Quebec. Healthier kids today, will make way for a generation with lower rates of heart disease and diabetes and longer life expectancy! An A-Plus to our B-C friends....after all, a healthy body promotes a healthy mind!