Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ending Fat Talk……One Anonymous Post-It at a Time!

This is part of the mission of anonymous do-gooders of Operation Beautiful. Their mission is to post anonymous notes in public places for other people to find. Notes like, “Yes you ARE beautiful!” Expect to find these notes anywhere….on a public bathroom mirror, in a clothing-store change stall or on the parking meter. Upon checking their website, I found that most people leave their anonymous positive posts on public bathroom mirrors (school, gym, restaurant, etc.) The Operation Beautiful web address is almost always left at the bottom of the note. On their website (, you can find samplings of notes left behind, along with stories on how people left their words of encouragement. Check out the recent posting below!!

Laura wrote:
Instead of sleeping, or studying for my three final exams that are tomorrow, I decided to write out a “You Are Beautiful” post-it note for everyone who lives on my floor and stick it to their doors for them to find in the morning. I plan to put one on every door in my building. I am a firm believer that health comes first, and beauty follows. I believe it’s possible to think yourself beautiful. That’s why we have to remind people, every day, just how gorgeous/amazing/wonderful/beautiful/good-looking/ marvelous/handsome/attractive/awesome they actually are.”

So as I write this heading into 2010, I think this will be one of the many resolutions I will make and actually follow through with. I will write a note on a Post-It and leave it somewhere in Calgary. Pretty simple (I know), but maybe the person who finds it will be having a really crappy day, and that little note of inspiration will turn their day around. Maybe you can do the same?!

Happy New Year…..and remember, beauty is NOT a size.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

GaGa for "Glee"

I've got Glee on the brain after watching another great episode last night and then waking up to a Glee article in today's paper. I also just got off the phone with a media friend who recently interviewed Canadian born Cory Monteith who plays Finn on Glee. What juicy little tid-bit did he get to learn about "Finn"?. Cory misses ketchup chips!! Ha! I guess they don't sell ketchup chips in U-S where Cory now lives. Poor guy.

If you missed the Glee it is. Enjoy, cuz if you're anything like me, you can't get enough of Glee!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking a PERFECT Driver's License Pic......

My girlfriends and I were laughing a couple of nights ago about our terrible driver's license pictures. Oh, and it's not just bad D-L pics!! My Costco pic is uber husband's is awful too. In fact, whenever I need a really good laugh I dig his out....look and laugh. (His is worse than mine).
Anyway, in the quest for a better pic I dug up some tips on how to put your best face forward for the dreaded driver's license mug shot.

*Wear more makeup than usual to avoid looking washed out. And don't forget the powder....that'll avoid shine on your pretty face.

*Set your feet hip-width apart and then place your palms up on your backside and drop your shoulders.

*Tilt your chin down (only a bit). If your nose is long, face the camera head on.

*Because most faces are asymmetrical, angle your head with your smaller eye out in front.

Simple tricks to a prettier you.
Now if we could only use these tips for our passport pics!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Have you "Done It"?!

The list could be endless...eating blowfish in San Fran, checking out the Windsor Castle in Berkshire England or experiencing the Sydney Opera House in Australia. It’s what you’ve done and what you’ve yet to do. Jen Leo of the L-A Times recently wrote about a cool new website called

“Diddit” is a place to discover new things to do, keep track of what you want to do and share stories about your life experiences (your "diddits")! The website allows for any experience to be chronicled. So for instance, one of my “diddits” would be, “landed at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in a helicopter”. And a wanna-do-it??...”eat olives and drink wine at a little cafe in Greece”!

Have fun “doing”-I know I will!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back To School ALREADY??!!

That seems to be the consensus of parents with school aged kids across Calgary this week. Every where I turn, parents are shaking their heads in disbelief..."I can't believe they're back in school on Thursday" I sit writing this, Thursday is now tomorrow. YIKES! Where did the summer go?
I have many Calgary school teacher friends who were grumbling over this past weekend. You see, it was their last weekend of freedom....our school teachers were back in school on Monday.
If you're a parent, you most likely know that our traditional school calendar was adjusted for "Worldskills Calgary 2009"!
Check out everything you need to know about the upcoming school year by checking out this website!

While you're on the Calgary Board of Education website, be sure to check out the CBE H1N1 Resources Centre. There's some great information reagrding the H1N1 influenza A virus, seasonal influenza and strategies for staying healthy during the school year!!

From one parent to another, I hope tomorrow goes smoothly for you and your kids as they head back for another year of reading, writing and arithmetic!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Facebook = Jealousy???

As I sat reading this article out of yesterday's Calgary Herald, I found myself questioning any "feelings" that have come up with my use of Facebook. Can't say I've ever felt jealousy. But I CAN see how easily it could happen. I do have two friends who discovered their realtionships weren't what they thought it was upon discovering their boyfriend went from being "attached" to "single". What a crappy way to get dumped!!!
I've been on Facebook for just over a year....and I'm embarassed to admit it took me about a month before I realized if you write on somebody's wall, everyone else can see it! DUH! I also know that amongst friends, even putting pics up can cause some grief. You have four couples over for a BBQ, you snap pics and throw them up on Facebook....your other "couple friends" see it and wonder why they weren't invited. Oh the drama!!! :)
If you didn't catch this article in yesterday's paper...enjoy the read!!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Beauty Tips for Pregnant Moms from Liza!!

You're not imagining it, we're in the middle of a baby boom! Did you know, more Canadian babies are born in July than any other month.

One of North America's most foremost experts in pregnancy beauty Liza Elliot Ramirez will be sharing her coveted secrets to help Mom's show off their beautiful bumps on CTV Edmonton, Wednesday July 8th at noon!
I had a chance to ask Liza a few questions of my own about pregnancy and beauty....

Erin: Among other things, you’ll be sharing some product information with the Moms-To-Be of Alberta, information on a beauty product called “Bio-Oil”! (I’ve actually been using it throughout my pregnancy and I love it)…..for women who haven’t heard of “Bio-Oil”, can you tell us about it?

Liza: Sure! That’s so great that you’re already using it! Bio-Oil helps prevent those dreaded pregnancy stretch marks, particularly when used right from the first trimester. It’s the best selling scar and stretch mark product in 13 countries and is recommended by doctors and pharmacists around the world. I recommend it to all my models to keep their belly beautiful before, during and after their pregnancy. It contains a combination of calendula, lavender, rosemary, chamomile oils, vitamin A and E, and the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™. This unique formula is totally non greasy and absorbs rapidly. I love it because it’s a simple, affordable all-in-one skin solution everyone can use.

Erin: Would you recommend women continue using Bio-Oil AFTER the baby is born?

Liza: Definitely! It keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized. Keeping your skin well moisturized is key to maintaining your skin’s elasticity. Also, if you don’t use Bio-Oil during your pregnancy, you may get stretch marks which are a huge issue for pregnant women. If skin is not cared for properly, especially in the first trimester, stretch marks are a near guarantee. Few people realize that stretch marks are actually scars, a result of the skin stretching quickly and tearing. Bio-Oil helps first to prevent and to reduce the appearance of these scars.

Erin: Can you share with us, a few of the secrets famous Moms use during their pregnancies?

Liza: Hollywood stars are heavily influencing today’s pregnancy beauty and fashion trends and whether you’re a star, a model or the yummy mummy next door, these secrets can help add a little glamour to your pregnancy.

1. Silky Skin: Moisturize! Exfoliate your body with gentle soap and a coarse cloth in the shower; apply Bio-Oil head-to-toe on your skin; focus on the belly area morning and night – for beautiful silky, stretch-mark resistant, summer-ready skin!

2. Fashion that embraces your pregnancy curves: Top trends include the empire waist maxi dress; bare shoulders; bikinis and unfussy stretchy belly-hugging styles. Fuller bustline means new bras are a must. Stick to solid colours for a sleek look. Add visual interest with bold accessories that make a statement. With chunky necklaces and bracelets; gladiator sandals; comfy wedge heels; bold sunglasses and wide rim hats you’ll have it made in the shade!

3. Fresh, clean make up: Your skin emits a natural glow so don’t cover it up. Powder can make you look older. Tinted moisturizer with SPF; a little bronzer and a soft neutral lip gloss enhances the glow. Add glamour to this radiant look with a smudge of dark liner across the upper lash line. Use an eyelash curler; for best results heat it under the blow-dryer for 5 seconds; finish with a rich mascara and a few artificial lashes to the upper outer corners for a pretty, polished look. For swelling in the eye zone, apply spoons chilled in the fridge for a few minutes before makeup application.

4. Loose, pretty hair: During pregnancy your hair gets thicker and more luxurious. When the weather is warm try a fuss-free up-do. Tie back hair in a loose pony-tail; twist the pony-tail into a loose bun fastened with bobby pins; hair-spray; and put on a delicate headband in a solid dark colour. Très chic!

Erin: Liza if people want to learn more about you, can you please pass along your website? Thanks!

Liza: You can reach me at and find out more about Bio-Oil at

You can also catch Liza on her hit TV show Runway Moms on TLC this fall!!

Some great tips from Liza. I wish I would have been able to speak to her earlier in my pregnancy! I'll be off on maternity leave as of July 10.....learning how to be a new Mom all over again with baby #3! I know many of our Energy listeners are pregnant too.....wishing you all healthy deliveries.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is as important to a healthy lifestyle as eating properly and exercising. Studies suggest that not enough sleep (over long periods of time), could increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depression.
And guess what? A relaxing bath and warm milk really WILL make you sleepy!!

If you're having trouble falling asleep, check out the following tips to help you wind down.

Get into a Routine: I know this is a tough one....especially on the weekends and while on holidays. Experts say try going to bed at the same time every night. Also, try getting up at the same time.

Go No-Tech: All the experts say your bedroom should be reserved for sleep and SEX! So get rid of the TV, cellphones and laptops.

Stop Worrying: If your head is spinning, get up and try doing something calming (like reading)!

Exercise Regularly: Physical exercise done early in the day may promote deeper sleep. Careful of exercise right before bedtime....that can give you an energy spurt!

Use Noise: If you're a light sleeper (studies show women are more prone to this), try a little white noise. A fan (especially in the summer) will help block out traffic noise or a snoring partner.

Getting back to warm milk and relaxing baths....try it before bed. The warm bath will raise your core body temperature (that'll make you sleepy). Dairy products are a good source of tryptophan an amino acid that will help kick starts your body's sleep inducers (melatonin and serotonin).

Happy Sleeping!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009


Feel GOOD about consuming the following "superfoods"....some that you may have thought aren't so great for your mind and body.

Wasabi: Japanese horseradish has many potential health benefits. It's said to prevent everything from asthma to ulcers and also has antibacterial properties.

Pumpkin: this highly nutritious fruit contains antioxidants and other ingredients that help prevent eye disease.

Avocados: another fruit that we all know is high in fat BUT the "good" fat....monounsaturated fat....the kind that doesn't clog the arteries. It also contains potassium AND Vitamins B, E and K.

Buckwheat Honey: Unlike light honey, dark honey doesn't cause a spike in the body's sugar levels. It's also an anti-inlammatory packed with anti-oxidants.

Tomato Paste: no-salt or low-salt tomato paste has the highest concentration of lycopene of tomatoes and tomato products. It's a natural blood thinner and a stong defense against certain diseases like prostate cancer.

Spices: in general, most spices are "superfoods" (most are calorie-free and anti-inflammatory). For example, Cinnamon. It helps slow down the rush of sugar to the blood, and that helps prevent weight gain. No, this doesn't mean we can all pig out on cinnamon buns!! Cinnamon is also an anti-inflammatory which COULD help delay the onset of aging.

Healthy Eating!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Birth Order and Personality....

With the impending birth of my third child, I've been thinking a lot about birth order and whether or not it affects personality. I must admit, I've often noticed that first borns tend to be "people pleasers".

I've heard OTHERS say the following...the oldest child is responsible, the middle child is diplomatic and the "baby" is the rebel. And what about the "only" child? Some may argue, forever spoiled.

Personality is apparantely the result of a number of factors. Genetics, education, social and economic environment. Any number of life experiences all play a part in shaping who we are.

So why do so many people think birth order has an effect on who we are today? Most psychologists agree that personality has something to do with what went on when we were kids.

How do your personailty traits compare to those associated with certain birth-order positions? Read on!

First Born:The oldest are the only kids in the family (for a little while anyway). Because Mom and Dad are new to the game of parenting, they tend to have high expectations. That can rub off on the first born. (Remember, I mentioned "people pleasers" earlier on). It's said that oldest kids tend to stick to family rules and they tend to be conservative and responsible.

Middle Child:"They", say the typical middle child is the good-natured, empathetic peacemaker.

The "Baby":Last borns, are finding a way to assert their individuality. It's all about finding your own way because you're coming into the world where your surroundings have already been created for you. It's said, that the youngest tend to be more rebellious and more likely to take risks.

I laugh over the youngest kids "taking more risks". That's my baby brother, who took more risks because he knew he could get away with it. He never had a curfew, but I did! Maybe that's cuz he's a boy....and a whole OTHER topic!

Have a great week,


Thursday, May 21, 2009

World's Happiest Places.....

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development recently released a new study, ranking the world's nations by the happiness levels of their citizens. So where exactly ARE the happiest people in the world? Read on to find out.....

10. Belgium
9. Norway
8. New Zealand
7. Switzerland
6. Canada
5. Ireland
4. Sweden
3. The Netherlands
2. Finland
1. Denmark

Side Note: The U-S did receive an above-avergae score but failed to crack the top 10.

Have a great SUNNY (and happy) weekend!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happiness Secrets.....

Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of "The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want" has studied "happiness" (and the science of it), for years. The following are a few tips to help you increase your bursts of happiness throughout the day!

*Avoid Overthinking-it'll make you feel more pessimistic, more "out of control" and effects your self esteem
*Focus on your Relationships-loved ones are critical to your always take the time to nurture them
*Pick a Goal-Commit yourself to a project (work or fun). Happy people all have goals they care about
*Practice Acts of Kindness-practical, everyday gestures that make someone's life a little easier, will make you happier as well
*Take Care of your Body-carve out a small part of your day to give your body some TLC. It'll go a long way in boosting your happiness.

For more info. on Sonja, you can check out her website

Have a "happy" long weekend!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day Run and Walk

On Mother's Day (Sunday)....thousands of adults (Moms and Dads included), kids and seniors will run the annual Mother's Day Run & Walk here in Calgary.
Included in those thousands will be Meg Tucker of the Freeway and Meg Morning Show and me! I've talked Meg into walking it with me (instead of running) 7 month pregnant belly is slowing me down!!

Last year's Run and Walk raised half a million dollars for the neo-natal intensive care unit and special care nurseries in the Calgary Health Unit. This year's event will benfit the same organizations. Monies raised, will buy 2 hybrid bed warmers, two cardiac monitors and two triple-channel intravenous pumps.
Meg and I are part of "Team Peyton".....I've attached the story of how Team Peyton came about. It's a very touching story.....we're both very proud to be part of their team!

As some of you know, this will be the 4th year that Team Peyton will be participating in the Forzani Group Foundation’s Mother’s Day Run & Walk ( This year, the funds raised will once again be going to a place that will always be close to our hearts: the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Units and Special Care Nurseries of Calgary (and surrounding area) hospitals.

As many of you know, we have some history with both these areas of the Rockyview and Foothills Hospitals. On January 15, 2006, we tragically and unexpectedly lost our first child, our precious baby girl Peyton Olivia LeManne just three days before her due date. The dedicated doctors and nurses tried desperately to save our little girl, but she passed away in mommy’s arms just 5 hours after she was delivered. She had inexplicably contracted an infection and had started to hemorrhage just 24 hours prior to her emergency delivery via c-section. Up until then she was a healthy, vibrant little girl, and her loss was devastating to us, our families and friends. Recovery has been a long and winding road, and we miss those dark and beautiful eyes every day. In her memory and fighting spirit, TEAM PEYTON was formed, and ran their inaugural run 4 months after her death, on Mother’s Day 2006. The team wound up raising nearly $10,000, and as a result of our success, a Family Team division was added to the event the following year.

Late summer 2006, we were lucky enough to get pregnant again, and were told right before Christmas that we were expecting a boy. As Peyton’s death was still somewhat of a medical mystery, our doctor recommended a scheduled c-section 3 weeks prior to our son’s due date. On April 30th, 2007, our darling boy Wesley Everitt Stephen LeManne was delivered. Not even an hour after delivery, the nurse noticed his wheezing and crying was not subsiding, and was sounding somewhat irregular. He was taken to the Special Care Nursery, where they diagnosed him with Hyaline Membrane Disease, (also known as Respiratory Distress Syndrome) due to a set of very underdeveloped lungs. His situation worsened over the next couple of days, and our strong little man had to be intubated to help him breathe, and had to have a chest tube inserted in his right side to help drain the pneumothorax* that subsequently developed. (*Air leaks between the chest and outer tissues of the lungs) As a result he was transferred from the Rockyview Hospital to the Foothills NICU for more intensive care. It was very difficult watching our little man in pain and fighting to breathe on his own. But day after day, he slowly got better, and after a harrowing two weeks, we were finally able to take him home, as luck would have it, on Mother’s Day—after Team Peyton (minus mommy and Wesley) ran their second year.

This Mother’s Day, Team Peyton will once again be running and walking in memory of our little girl, and now, in honour of her little brother as well. If it wasn’t for the NICU and Special Care Nurseries, and the skilled and dedicated doctors and nurses that staff them, Wesley would not be here with us today. We are eternally grateful for the services and care provided, and are committed to continue raising funds for the areas of the hospitals that house some of the most fragile and vulnerable patients.

Since Team Peyton’s inaugural run in 2006, we have raised more than $18,500. Last year we were the top Family Fundraising Team, and we hope to be again this year.
Please help Team Peyton in having our most successful year yet. All donations are greatly appreciated, and as you can see through our now-healthy baby boy Wesley, will be put to the best of uses.

Registration information for this Sunday's event can be found at

Have a GREAT weekend.....and Happy Mother's Day!!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Case of Frank's Missing Chewed Gum!!

This morning, during the last 20 minutes of the Freeway and Meg Morning Show, Frank (as he does every morning) took his gum out of his mouth so that he could talk.
Freeway often sticks it on a piece of paper....once he’s done chatting on the radio he promptly pops the sticky mess back in his mouth.
Today, something went wrong. He lost his piece of chewed gum. Oh the drama!! In the middle of Meg’s final Hollywood 360 of the day, Frank jumped up and starting grabbing his bum and other parts of his body....(in a total tizzy) trying to figure out where the gum had gone. Producer Ian and I just laughed, as Meg (while on the air), advised Frank to “please stop touching himself”!!! Haaaaaaaaa! The poor girl was trying to keep it together. The way Frank was jumping around, you would have thought we’d thrown some red ants down his pants. (I am laughing really hard as I write this).
About an hour and a half later....during my radio show, Frank throws open the studio door and yells “Erin I found my gum!!!!!!”. Enjoy the pictures....this is where he finally found the gum.

True Confessions!!

The economy stinks but that doesn't mean you have to suffer all the what AREN'T you giving up? What's YOUR guilty pleasure? According to a recent poll, here's some of your Guilty Pleasures!!

Eating Out 20%
Sweet and Salty Snacks 15%
Reality TV 16%
Fashion (still can't resist a good sale!!) 12%
Celebrity Gossip Magazines 12%
Beauty Treatments (manicures/pedicures/massages, etc) 5%

Have a great week indulging-you deserve it!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ladies, if you're looking for a tasty treat that COULD help in the prevention of breast cancer? Try munching on walnuts! According to new research, Walnuts provide women with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Antioxidants and Phytosterols which combined, could help in reducing breast cancer!

While we're on the topic of health and women, another new study has found that the longer a woman breast feeds her baby, the lower her risk for having a heart attack or stroke. Great news, considering much of what we hear in regards to breast feeding has to do with the benefits for baby!
Researchers looked at thousands of post-menopausal women and found that those who breast fed for at least a month had lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol......all risks for heart disease. Women who breast fed their babies for more than a year, were 10% less likely to have had a heart attack, stroke or developed heart disease than women who'd never breast fed.
Here's to health benefits for Mama!

Have a great week.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Can't get this UK Track Outta My Head...

To work in an industry like mine, (radio) it can be difficult to keep my i-pod music "fresh" for my workouts! I'm always looking for obscure tracks to add...the more upbeat, the better.
Last week I found one of those songs....the track is called "Better Off As Two" by Frankmusik (aka Vincent Frank). Frankmusik is a British electropop musician who has a debut album that'll be released on the other side of the pond this summer. Even in the U-K, this song is considered "new music"!
Give it a listen and PLEASE, let me know of any other upbeat-fun-new songs I should be adding to my i-pod!! Oh, and one more thing. Great track from Vancouver's Marianas Trench that you should add to your workout list....."Cross My Heart"!
Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Disposing of the Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (CFL)

In honour Of Earth Day I've been posting daily "Green Tips" on my Facebook and Twitter pages. One of my recent tips was regarding the use of CFLs. One of our Energy listeners (Kimberly), sent me some additional information regarding the disposal of these particular light bulbs! Read on....

I remember seeing your recent earth tip about using CFL light bulbs. I don't remember if you also mentioned recycling them. If not, it might be a good follow up tip :) I recently learned that they contain mercury and must not be thrown in the garbage and the city of calgary does not recylce them. I called 3-1-1 and they said that Home depot supposedly will take them and recycle them. Here is a website I found on a "Project Porchlight" bulb I was given at work: - Find Recycling Centers and Learn How To Recycle
Guide to local resources including recycling centers, how to recycle, pollution prevention and how help protect the environment.

Thanks for the info. Kimberly...Happy Recycling!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Going GREEN!

“Going Green” is all the rage. Some people do a lot of talking about it and some people actually practice what they preach.
One lady who falls into the latter half of the above statement is Kaayla Canfield, author of the book “Simply Going GREEN in 3 Years or Less”. In the book’s foreword, Calgary Mayor, Dave Bronconnier writes “Supporting citizens to take action at home, at work and in all parts of their daily lives is the first step. This book offers a number of suggestions we can all take to green our lifestyles”.
Just peruse the table of contents and you’ll see, this book covers everything “green”…from Organic Food and Renovations to Green Wedding Tips and Our Precious Little Ones!!
“Simply Going GREEN in 3 Years or Less” is sold through Kaayla’s website, at Pages Book store in Kensington, Amaranth Whole Foods and at the U of C book store!

GO GREEN!! Earth Day is tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lists we can't recall!!

7 Deadly Sins:

7 Dwarfs:

7 (widely accepted) natural wonders of the world:
Grand Canyon
Great Barrier Reef
Mount Everest
Aurora Borealis
Victoria Falls
Paricutin Volcano
Harbor of Rio de Janeiro
(the above list was put together by CNN)

8 planets in the solar system:
(Pluto is no longer on the list; it was demoted to dwarf planet status)

Have a great week!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Friends Helping Friends Food Drive:

Energy 101.5 is proud to partner with CTV for the Friends Helping Friends Food Drive. Energy will be live from the Whitehorn Safeway, from 10AM to 5PM, on Saturday March 21st collecting donations for the Food Bank so drop by there or any of the other locations to make your donation! Locations include:

• Crowfoot Safeway, 99 Crowfoot Cr NW
• Whitehorn Safeway, 3550 – 32 Ave NE
• Westhills Safeway, 200 Stewart Green SW
• Southcentre Safeway, 11011 Bonaventure Dr SE

High Priority Donations include:
Canned Tomatoes, Spaghetti Sauce, Pasta, Peanut Butter, Baby Formula with Iron, Baby Food (Jars), Canned Fish, Canned Beans in Tomato Sauce, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruit, Juice (1 Litre), Rice, Processed Cheese (Jar), Cash Donations!!

One Dollar=$4 worth of food for the food bank! Get a tax receipt for any $10 donation or higher.

Remember, hunger doesn't take a vacation!

Have a great weekend,


Monday, March 16, 2009

Overused Expressions.....

According to author of "Damp Squid: The English Language Laid Bare" (author is Jeremy Butterfield) the following are the MOST overused expressions that we're currently using. Take a yours on the list?
*At the end of the day
*Fairly Unique
*I personally think
*At this moment in time
*With all due respect
*It's a nightmare
*Shouldn't of
*It's not rocket science

I went around the office and received common expressions used around the Energy's the Energy list!!

"It's not my first day"
"It is what it is"
"I'm peace-ing out"
"Oh my Goodness"
"Good Stuff"
"Take care"
"Like y'know"
"Gavin's hot" (sent in by a male co-worker);)
"This is like totally on the D-L"
"Fair enough"
"Will do"
"You know"

We're a deep bunch! Have a great week.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Erin Wilde chatting with Jillian of the Bachelor!!

This week I had the chance to talk with Jillian Harris who was the most recent of the women who "left" The Bachelor after Jason Mesnick decided she wasn't for him. Jillian is from Alberta and now lives in Vancouver. Jillian garnered a huge fan base in Canada and also south of the border during her time on the Bachelor. Audience members cheered wildly when Bachelor host Chris Harrison asked Jillian if she would consider being the next Bachelorette!! Listen to the very likeable Jillian....I talked with her over the phone from Vancouver.

The Bachelor Finale airs Monday night!! Have a great rest of your week.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chinese Birth Chart.....

Ancient Chinese Birth Gender Chart:

This is an ancient Chinese Chart used to predict the sex of your unborn child. Guaranteed 99% accuracy. The Chart was buried in a tomb near Beijing for 700 years. The original is in the Institute of Science in Beijing. All you need is the month the child was conceived, and the age of the mother at the time of conception.

If clicking on the above pic doesn't work, check out this website:

For the record, I've used this chart for my last two was 100% correct! All of my girlfriends have used it too when they were expecting-it always seems to be right!!
According to the chart, I'm having a boy this time round. We'll find out for sure, at my 18 week ultrasound next week! I'll let ya know.


Friday, February 20, 2009

WOW...She's 100!!!!!

Wow…she’s 100!!

On February 12, 2009 my Great Aunt Annie turned 100 years old. This past weekend, family and friends had a big party to celebrate her milestone birthday. I was one of the many who attended and was thrilled to sit down with Annie to chat with her about living to 100…

For 100, Annie and is as sharp as a tack with a great sense of humor too. As I pull my chair up to talk with her, she turns to me and says, “everyone keeps telling me that I’m over-the-hill…I’d say it’s more like over-the-mountain!”.

Annie was born on February 12, 1909 in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Erin: Aunt Annie, did you have any siblings?

Annie: Yes, I had 4 brothers and 1 sister.

Erin: And you’ve always been healthy?

Annie: Oh, yes.

Erin: Is there anyone else in your family who has lived to 100?

Annie: Yes. My Mother had both an Aunt and an Uncle who lived to 104 and 106.

Erin: How long did your parents live?

Annie: My Mother was 91 and my Father was 82.

Erin: In your wildest dreams did you ever think you’d live to be 100?

Annie: I never really thought about it!

Erin: What do you think lends to your longevity?

Annie: Having parents who live long. Luck. I never smoked and I never drank.

Erin: You never had a drink, ever?

Annie: (chuckling)…well, when I was around 18 years old, I went to a birthday party. It was behind my house, down the back alley. They had nothing to eat, just drink. My sister and I were served a glass of something. Suddenly, the room started spinning. I left the party, staggering down the alley….I felt awful. I went up to my bedroom and slept it off. I swore I would NEVER have another drink again…and I didn’t!

Side note: the “drink” in question was apparently homemade wine.

Erin: You never married Aunt Annie?

Annie: NO! I was too smart for marriage (entire table laughs including Annie)

Erin: So no marriage…..and no kids?

Annie: None of my own but I was a school teacher. I taught for 45 years. 41 in Medicine Hat and 4 in the country.

Erin: What grade?

Annie: I taught grade 5 for many years. Many of my students stayed in touch with me for a long time. In fact, one boy I taught sent me a Christmas card every year until last year. I’m assuming he passed away. You see, I started teaching when I was 18….I wasn’t much older than the kids I was teaching!

Erin: Do you have any cherished childhood memories you can still re-call?

Annie: Oh yes. Back when I was a child, my Mom and Dad wouldn’t put the Christmas tree up until all we kids had gone to bed (on Christmas Eve). Once we were asleep, up went the tree. They would decorate it and lay all of the presents underneath the tree. I remember waking up one Christmas morning to find the most beautiful doll tied to the bough of the tree. Oh how I loved that doll!

My great Aunt Annie received messages from the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, the Governor General of Canada and the Queen!

Happy Birthday Aunt Annie….I hope to have half of your health and energy when I’m 50!!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You'll Never Misspell Again.....

I found this in a recent magazine article and I had to share....

20 Words You'll Never Misspell Again:

*A lot (that's right, a lot of people make the mistake of spelling it as one word "alot") you know better!
*Hierarchy (I can never spell this one OR say it properly)
*Privilege (I always thought there was a "d" in front of the "g"!) DUH

Hope there's no spelling errors in my blog! Have a great week...and for those of you in Alberta and Ontario, who get Monday off....Happy Family Day!!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Clearing out the Condiments......

If you're like half the population, there are likely condiments in your fridge, cupboards or on your spice racks that you haven't used in months.....or even years.
According to the website (which for some reason I can't seem to bring up on my computer today), the following is a list of a few condiments and their shelf life!

Hollandaise Sauce: 1 Day
Guacamole: 2 Days
Gravy: 3 Days
Sour Cream: 3 Weeks (or whatever the expiry is on the container!)
Mayonnaise: 3 Months (that sounds too long to me!)
Relish: 6 Months
Syrup: 8 Months
Steak Sauce: 1 Year
Tobasco: 2-5 Years
Black Pepper: 4 Years

So get Spring cleaning early and start chucking that 3 year old Mayo. Ewwwwwww! Have a great weekend.....


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grey's Anatomy is crossing over.....

If you're a fan of "Grey's Anatomy", (who isn't? was the #2 most watched show in Canada last week!)'s gonna be a GREAT episode on Thursday!!!! "Grey's" and it's spin-off "Private Practice", are "crossing over" on February 5th!
Dr. Addison Montogomery (played by Kate Walsh) will be calling on her ex-husband Dr. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) during a life and death medical emergency involving Addison's brother.

If you love "Grey's" as much as I do, here are a few things you can look forward to-

*Bailey will soon be receiving some potentially career-altering news....

*We'll be getting our first clue into what's been ailing Izzie by the end of Thursday night's episode...

*Denny will be around till at least March...

*Thursday's episode features one of the funniest, all-female group hugs ever....

Happy viewing!!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Play Beat the Bank LIVE on Saturday January 31st!!

It's your shot Energy Nation, to play a LIVE version of Beat the Bank this weekend!! On Saturday January 31st, members of the the Energy on air team will be stationed at different ATB Financial locations around the city of Calgary, accepting your entries to play LIVE and win tax free cash.

From 11am until 1:30pm on Saturday we'll be inviting you to enter to win....

ATB Financial/Chinook Mall SW Freeway and Meg

ATB Financial/Sunridge 32nd Street NE Erin Wilde

ATB Financial/Beacon Hill NW "Producer" Ian

ATB Financial/Forest Lawn SE "Goodwill Ambassador" Carlos Cuevas

ATB Financial/West Springs SW JoJo

10 winners will be selected to play Beat the Bank at the West Springs ATB Location at 4pm. A chance to win up to $50,000!!!!! Good Luck....we'll see you Saturday.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Facebook Profiles....Detecting Narcissism??

A few months back a co-worker (who is NOT on Facebook) passed the results of a recent Facebook study over to me. I chuckled, hung onto it...and found it this morning. Better late than never....

Apparantely Facebook profiles can be used to detect whether someone is a narcissist. The word narcissist refers to someone who's self-centered and suffers from an inflated ego. Scientists have scoured millions of Facebook pages to determine those who are the hard-core narcissists.

Professor Keith Campbell says (quote) "Narcissists are using Facebook the same way they use their other relationships......for self promotion with an emphasis on quantity over quality". The two signs that you may have an unhealthy does of vanity is that you collect thousands of "friends" on Facebook. Also, the narcissist is likely to use a glamour photo, not a candid pic on their main profile page.

He! He! He! I suppose I'm a "partial" narcissist! I have over a thousand friends (hey, I love my Energy listeners and all my new friends from around the globe)....but I'm happy to report, no glamour shots for me (not this month anyway). It's a candid shot...and I'm wearing angel wings. I think there's a joke in there somewhere.

Have a great week.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Double Standard.....

Today, standing in the coffee line I heard an interesting conversation between two women. They were talking about a picture they saw on-line of actor Pierce Brosnan and his wife of eight years, Keely Shaye Smith....
The picture they were eluding to, was one taken lastnight at the Golden Globe Awards. (Pierce was a presenter at lastnight's show). Their comments went something like this...."it's so unusual to see a man as gorgeous as Pierce Brosnan with a woman who's overweight". My blood started to boil.....truth be told, I couldn't wait to get back to my work computer and take a look at the internet pics of Pierce and Keely. So, I am now looking at one of the many pics taken lastnight of them. Truth be told, I think Keely looks absolutely stunning. I suppose the conversation I overheard today, relates more to what women in Hollywood are "expected" to look like....especially when they're married to gorgeous A-List actors.
It got me thinking.....if an older, overweight male actor showed up on the red carpet with a gorgeous, younger woman on his arm, I'm betting the two women in the coffee line this morning wouldn't have been talking about it. I'll be the first to admit, if I see an old guy with a young, beautiful woman, I assume the guy has tons of money. I suppose I'm as bad as the coffee line women wondering what Pierce is doing with a woman who's struggling with her weight.
Again, I think Keely looks beautiful and healthy. And GASP, maybe she and Pierce are together cuz because they're in love. What a concept.


PS-I'm attaching a pic of the beautiful couple. You be the judge!