Monday, January 26, 2009

Play Beat the Bank LIVE on Saturday January 31st!!

It's your shot Energy Nation, to play a LIVE version of Beat the Bank this weekend!! On Saturday January 31st, members of the the Energy on air team will be stationed at different ATB Financial locations around the city of Calgary, accepting your entries to play LIVE and win tax free cash.

From 11am until 1:30pm on Saturday we'll be inviting you to enter to win....

ATB Financial/Chinook Mall SW Freeway and Meg

ATB Financial/Sunridge 32nd Street NE Erin Wilde

ATB Financial/Beacon Hill NW "Producer" Ian

ATB Financial/Forest Lawn SE "Goodwill Ambassador" Carlos Cuevas

ATB Financial/West Springs SW JoJo

10 winners will be selected to play Beat the Bank at the West Springs ATB Location at 4pm. A chance to win up to $50,000!!!!! Good Luck....we'll see you Saturday.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Facebook Profiles....Detecting Narcissism??

A few months back a co-worker (who is NOT on Facebook) passed the results of a recent Facebook study over to me. I chuckled, hung onto it...and found it this morning. Better late than never....

Apparantely Facebook profiles can be used to detect whether someone is a narcissist. The word narcissist refers to someone who's self-centered and suffers from an inflated ego. Scientists have scoured millions of Facebook pages to determine those who are the hard-core narcissists.

Professor Keith Campbell says (quote) "Narcissists are using Facebook the same way they use their other relationships......for self promotion with an emphasis on quantity over quality". The two signs that you may have an unhealthy does of vanity is that you collect thousands of "friends" on Facebook. Also, the narcissist is likely to use a glamour photo, not a candid pic on their main profile page.

He! He! He! I suppose I'm a "partial" narcissist! I have over a thousand friends (hey, I love my Energy listeners and all my new friends from around the globe)....but I'm happy to report, no glamour shots for me (not this month anyway). It's a candid shot...and I'm wearing angel wings. I think there's a joke in there somewhere.

Have a great week.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Double Standard.....

Today, standing in the coffee line I heard an interesting conversation between two women. They were talking about a picture they saw on-line of actor Pierce Brosnan and his wife of eight years, Keely Shaye Smith....
The picture they were eluding to, was one taken lastnight at the Golden Globe Awards. (Pierce was a presenter at lastnight's show). Their comments went something like this...."it's so unusual to see a man as gorgeous as Pierce Brosnan with a woman who's overweight". My blood started to boil.....truth be told, I couldn't wait to get back to my work computer and take a look at the internet pics of Pierce and Keely. So, I am now looking at one of the many pics taken lastnight of them. Truth be told, I think Keely looks absolutely stunning. I suppose the conversation I overheard today, relates more to what women in Hollywood are "expected" to look like....especially when they're married to gorgeous A-List actors.
It got me thinking.....if an older, overweight male actor showed up on the red carpet with a gorgeous, younger woman on his arm, I'm betting the two women in the coffee line this morning wouldn't have been talking about it. I'll be the first to admit, if I see an old guy with a young, beautiful woman, I assume the guy has tons of money. I suppose I'm as bad as the coffee line women wondering what Pierce is doing with a woman who's struggling with her weight.
Again, I think Keely looks beautiful and healthy. And GASP, maybe she and Pierce are together cuz because they're in love. What a concept.


PS-I'm attaching a pic of the beautiful couple. You be the judge!