Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back To School ALREADY??!!

That seems to be the consensus of parents with school aged kids across Calgary this week. Every where I turn, parents are shaking their heads in disbelief..."I can't believe they're back in school on Thursday" I sit writing this, Thursday is now tomorrow. YIKES! Where did the summer go?
I have many Calgary school teacher friends who were grumbling over this past weekend. You see, it was their last weekend of freedom....our school teachers were back in school on Monday.
If you're a parent, you most likely know that our traditional school calendar was adjusted for "Worldskills Calgary 2009"!
Check out everything you need to know about the upcoming school year by checking out this website!

While you're on the Calgary Board of Education website, be sure to check out the CBE H1N1 Resources Centre. There's some great information reagrding the H1N1 influenza A virus, seasonal influenza and strategies for staying healthy during the school year!!

From one parent to another, I hope tomorrow goes smoothly for you and your kids as they head back for another year of reading, writing and arithmetic!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Facebook = Jealousy???

As I sat reading this article out of yesterday's Calgary Herald, I found myself questioning any "feelings" that have come up with my use of Facebook. Can't say I've ever felt jealousy. But I CAN see how easily it could happen. I do have two friends who discovered their realtionships weren't what they thought it was upon discovering their boyfriend went from being "attached" to "single". What a crappy way to get dumped!!!
I've been on Facebook for just over a year....and I'm embarassed to admit it took me about a month before I realized if you write on somebody's wall, everyone else can see it! DUH! I also know that amongst friends, even putting pics up can cause some grief. You have four couples over for a BBQ, you snap pics and throw them up on Facebook....your other "couple friends" see it and wonder why they weren't invited. Oh the drama!!! :)
If you didn't catch this article in yesterday's paper...enjoy the read!!