Monday, March 22, 2010

When To Toss Old Makeup....

Most women have piles of makeup they don't use all the time. But beauty products do have a shelf life -- they "expire" after a certain period of time. Wondering how long you should keep that pile of makeup you have? Here you go:

Concealer: Up to 12 months.
Powder: 2 years.
Pencil eyeliner: Sharpen it regularly and it will last up to 3 years.
Eyeshadow: Also good for up to 3 years.
Foundation:If water-based, up to 12 months. Oil-based, 18 months.
Lip liner: Up to 3 years.
Lipstick: Most experts say 1-2 years. Of course, if it smells bad, toss it -- it's spoiled!
Mascara: This stuff expires the fastest-throw it away after 4 months.
Brushes: Wash 'em every 2-3 months with mild detergent and you can keep 'em until the bristles fall out.
Nail polish: Up to 12 months, depending on the quality and consistency.

The above is courtesy of Meg Tucker of the Chris and Meg Morning Show heard weekday mornings on 101.5 Energy FM.

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